Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What denomination does HCAssembly belong to?

A. That is a good question. The answer is simple. HCAssembly is a ministry of Huntsville Christian Academy, therefore, it is an independent assembly of believers not focused on any denomination.

Q. Is it required to have children enrolled in Huntsville Christian Academy in order to attend HCAssembly?
A. Absolutely not. Many people are regular attenders that do not have children attending the school. However, many school families find HCAssembly to be a perfect fit for their family needs.
Q. Since HCAssembly has special celebrations for the Festivals of the Lord, is this a Jewish congregation or emphasis?

A. Excellent question! Again, the answer is simple. No, we are not Jewish at all. Our emphasis is Christian. However, we have found that celebrating the Festivals is not a Jewish thing, it is for everyone that identifies with Jesus as Lord. Each of the Festivals point us to Him and His finished work on the cross as well as His promise to return. Celebrating the Festivals brings deep introspection of our love for Him.

Q. Why do you hold services on Saturday instead of Sunday?
A. This is probably the most often asked question. The answer is two fold. HCAssembly has a vision to offer an alternative schedule for worship than most churches offer. We have found that Sunday may not work out for some people to attend worship services. Some may not attend at all due to various reasons. Others have found the joy and freedom of worship & rest on the

Biblical Sabbath Day, Saturday. Therefore, we want to meet the needs of those that are described above.

Q. Are there any activities for children and youth?
A. Absolutely. We love children! Each week during the service, children through grade 5 are offered a special class geared for them. They have their own curriculum, packed with activities for learning. Also, once a month, the youth, grades 6-12 have their own fun outing. They, too, have a curriculum that challenges them in their walk of faith. They are challenged to become involved in “serving others” as an outreach ministry.